Elkon Mobile Master 60 Bear

Elkon Mobile Master 60 Bear

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Mobile Master 60 Bear
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Elkon Mobile Series Batching Plants are not only the result of advanced technology and engineering skills but they are also new generation Batching Plants. It is only possible to fit all units of the Batching Plant to a limited area by extensive R&D work, experience and accurate production facilities.

Elkon Mobile Master Series Batching Plants can go thousands of kilometers on its own axle with a single towing vehicle for instance a trailer. When compared with the stationary batching plants with similar capacities the Mobil Master Series Batching Plants have the following superior attributes.

� 50 m3/h vibrated concrete production capacity
� Built in (integrated) 36 tons cement silo
� Compact design
� Easy installation and start-up
� Fully automatic robust control system
� Reliable units (Siemens, Pirelli, WAM etc.)
� Technologic and high quality production
� Inconfirmity with GOST-R, UkrSEPRO and European Norms


Capacity [m3/h] 50
The Capacity of Aggregate Silo [m3] 4x10 or 2x20
The Capacity of Aggregate Weight Batcher [kg] 0-2500
Loading Type of Aggregate to the Mixer [-] Transfer Conveyor
Mixer Capacity [l] 1500/1000 Pan Mixer
Cement Weighing Capacity [kg] 500
Water Weighing Capacity [kg] 300
Additive Weighing Capacity [l] 2x25
Control System [-] Siemens PLC+Siemens Touch Panel+Computer
Built-in Cement Silo [ton] 36 tons
Built-in Semi Open Cement Screws (2 units) [mm] Ø 220
Built-in Operator Cabinet [-] Collapsible
Additional Cement Screw [mm] Ø 220
Vertical Cement Silo ( Optional ) [ton] 50, 75, 100, 150,300,500

Elkon Mobile Master 60 Bear Mobile Concrete Batching Plant can be equipped with 4*10 m3 or 2*20 m3 aggregate silo according to the customer's requirement. Aggregate weighing is made by the means of aggregate weight batcher which is equipped with sensitive loadcells. Aggregate weight batcher performs two different functions with it's special technological design ; weighing and transferring. After the weighing process, the materials are transffered to 1500/1000 l. Elkon Pan Type Mixer. Elkon Mobile Master-60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is equipped with 36 tons built-in ( integrated ) cement silo, 2 units built-in semi-open cement screws which are equipped with centralized lubrication system, cement weight batcher , galvanized water weight batcher and 2x25 l. galvanized additive weight batcher. The operator cabinet is designed to provide a wide operating view and it can be collapsed during the transportation. The control of the system is made by the means of Fully Automatic Computerized Control System with SIEMENS PLC and SIEMENS Touch Operator Panel. The pneumatic valves are brought together in pneumatic boxes to make the maintenance easier and the pneumatic system is equipped with Hertz compressor.


Elkon Mobile Master-60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is the new generation concrete batching plant with his advantages comparing to other concrete batching plants.
� Less installation area requirement with compact design
� Short and Easy installation-uninstallation and operating (1-2 days to start concrete production - 1 day for disassembly)
� Less foundation costs (%80 less than stationary concrete batching plants. The Mobile Series Batching Plants do not require a special foundation. It is only required to build ramps from both sides to feed aggregate to the bunker.)
� No requirements for local authorizations for the installation.
� Less maintenance and operating costs
� Less transportation costs ( Standart Configuration can be transported by just one truck-trailer. The transportation costs are 3 to 4 times less than the transportation costs of the Stationary Batching Plants )
� Minimized concrete transportation costs.
� Due to its attribute of easy dismantlement , it is possible to change the place of the Batching Plant very easily and quickly.

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